Merry holidays!

Yes, I’m at the Dominion for the next few weeks of January 2012.  Don’t miss your chance to see me before I leave for Las Vegas in mid-January.

I did a photo shoot with Master Overbound dressed as my alter ego Master Sergio.  Thank you Hudson Hawk (Hudsy Hawn), Nikki Rouge, and Aki for modeling too!

Christmas was great and filled with love.  On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day my voice was heard on Sirius XM Ch. 21 again on Kim Fowley’s show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  In addition to this I received numerous gift from my friends that I will always cherish.  Thank you again “D” for my beautiful jewelry and Ralph Lauren coat!

Today I’m finishing my first music album.  Keep up with this blog to see when it debuts.

Please note I am no longer appearing at Vendetta, Monte Criston, on December 31, 2011.  Something in my schedule has come up, but you should still go!  My deepest apologies to those who may have bought tickets for Vendetta in hopes of seeing me.

I’m excited to shoot next week, January 8th, with Nikki Rouge and Hudsy Hawn.  Michael Helms is the photographer we are lucky to work with.

My next official appearance is to AVN in Las Vegas.  I am scheduled to appear on January 20-21, and there’s a good chance I’ll be around earlier.  Stay tuned for news as it develops.  Email me at to schedule a photo shoot or to meet me.

Foot Night International…I’ll be there on January 24th.

In April I will be on tour in Europe, just in time for my birthday.  It looks like I’ll be in Barcelona on April 13th for the Barcelona Fetish party.  Learn more later.

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