At The Dominion for the Holidays!

Look what I got today! Thank you, Tommy!

Last night I went to the BMG Music holiday party and had a great time. I bumped into my entertainment lawyer, who is always a pleasure to see. I also met some big names like songwriter Jeff Barry.

Good news: I’m staying in town for the holidays. This means I’ll be at The Dominion Dec. 20-22 and 27-29. If your schedule doesn’t permit these days, please email me at to see if I can make other arrangements. I’d hate to miss any friends over the holidays!

For New Year’s Eve I will be hosting a black jack table at the Suicide Girl’s Vendetta party at The Monte Cristo. Please mark your calendars and help me ring in the New Year. I’ll post more details later.

Reminder: I’ll be at the AVN parties next year Jan. 20-22. If you’d like to meet me please let me know at I’m shooting with Shadowlane and hanging out with my beautiful friends like Nikki Rouge, Hudsy Hawn, Layla, Koko, and others. Perhaps you’d like to meet us all?

January 24th I will be performing at the “Lipstick Orgy” party at Hollywood’s Boardner’s club. More juicy details to follow. Hudsy Hawn and Nikki Rouge will be there as well.

Los Angeles Foot Night is back next year in January and I’ll be there on the 26th. I hope to see you there!

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See you around!

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