Headmistress Snow Mercy

Services include: Modeling, acting, consulting, teaching, consensual Domination, fantasy talk, role play, mentoring, custom content, referrals, and more.

Applications may be emailed to snow@snowmercy.com. Briefly introduce yourself by giving your name, contact information, and please describe your interests. You may include your experience by listing studios you have visited, events you have attended, and anything else that relates to this. Be brief, very discreet, and polite. Finally, share why you are interested in seeing Headmistress Snow Mercy; be specific.

Illegal activities are not tolerated. Do not ruin a good time by discussing these.

Services can be done in-person, by phone, text, email, direct message, letter writing, video calls, hard copy or digital file share, etc.

References are not required to start but they may be requested. Ms. Mercy only gives references for guests she has seen recently and/or she has had a long relationship with. Failure to follow the Reference Protocol will not only be poor etiquette in the eyes of Ms. Mercy, the new person you are trying to see will learn you didn’t follow Ms. Mercy’s directions.

One last thing: state your favorite color to show you read this; don’t explain your answer. Better yet, add it to the subject line.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to be a candidate to perform personal D/s service, this is a distinct privilege. Personal servants must abide by studio rules & policies, and are a reflection of studio standards. Overlooking policies or ignoring them will ban you from candidacy. Unsolicited service is unacceptable. A policy for booking time as a personal servant, is when two last-minute cancellations occur in a row, or there’s a pattern of last-minute cancellations, then privileges are revoked. Following this, a 100% deposit is required to book future meetings.

All activities are consensual. Abuse and illegal activities are never tolerated. Black-listing occurs when a person poses a risk to others and our property. Once black-listed, an offender may never return to the studio or be associated with it. We reserve this right.

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