Goddess Evanescence

Goddess Evanescence stands at 5’7.5″ with raven colored hair infused with the tones of a blood red rose. She has a Y shaped frame, broad, domineering shoulders, a slender waist, muscular arms and toned legs. 

Her feet are size 9.5. 

Goddess Evanescence thrives on playing with the liminal spaces of your subconscious mind. Her place stands right on the threshold, between power and surrender. She demands the utmost respect as a Domme and strict protocol for guests in the role of switch. 

As the Goddess of ritual and the hunt, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Because of this, know that your time with her will be under structure with an adherence to her sacred rites.

As a switch, you will be graced with the pleasure of tickle sessions, foot play, medium to heavy impact play (marks are not allowed) and sensory deprivation. 

All sessions are negotiated beforehand, with limits and consent in mind.

Goddess Evanescence loves to play, explore and experiment. If there is play that you have in mind, reach out for an initial consultation. All time will be compensated and a non refundable deposit is due 48 hours before booking. 

Contact F.A.Q.s

For a session, Contact Goddess Evanescence through her website to set up an initial consult at www.goddessevanescence.com under, “initial consult.” 

Loyalists may interact with Goddess Evanescence or send tribute by visiting this link.

For limited questions about upcoming sessions after an initial consult reach out via Telegram to @goddessevsnescence.