To confirm an appointment, a deposit is requested, which is applied to the session fee. Please share your username for a popular payment app. Then a discreet deposit request will be sent to you. Our usernames are not published for privacy reasons.

We know you are excited! Repeated inquiries without a monetary commitment will be delayed. So don’t forget to send your deposit!

Instead of a payment app deposit, you may submit a physical or digital gift card.

To use a physical gift card, purchase one at any grocery or convenience store, reveal all codes, and then privately share an image of the card to Or send a digital gift card to

The session deposit is nonrefundable, but you may make one change if you give at least 24-hours in advance of your appointment. For this, please text or leave a voicemail at 747-239-4991 using your personal number, or you may forfeit your deposit. A new deposit will be required to make a new appointment.

No-shows forfeit their deposit and will not be allowed to book again until the session fee is recovered.

After a deposit is received, an invitation will be emailed to confirm your appointment. Later, arrival instructions will be shared via a text message. So please share a number where you can be reached.  If you prefer instructions over the phone, this service will be done at our convenience. For all other correspondence, use Sextp*nther; you will need to be the one to initiate it.

Phone consultations are not a service we provide for free. Please submit a small tribute to schedule a phone or text consultation.

If fewer than 24-hours notice is given of any changes, or there is a cancellation, the deposit is forfeited. Then a new deposit is required for a new booking. Your cooperation is appreciated!

All activities are consensual. Underage persons, coercion, abuse and illegal activities are never tolerated. Black-listing occurs when a person poses a risk to others and our property. Once black-listed, an offender may never return to the studio or be associated with it. We reserve this right.