Reference Policy

It’s our policy to be mysterious and private. We hope you can respect this.

Renters at Mercy Studio LA sometimes exchange references internally at their discretion. Outside references are asked to use the following protocol.

1. Get explicit permission to share contact information with a specific person.

For example, you have seen Ms. Mercy and would now like to see Ms. X. First, ask Ms. Mercy if you can mention to Ms. X that you know each other. If the answer is “yes”, then ask Ms. Mercy what contact info you may share.* Also get consent to share info with the person who is requesting the reference.

2. Get consent regarding what exactly may be shared. This goes for you, your reference, and the person who asked you for the reference.

3. Discuss any deadlines with everyone involved.

*If a Renter or guest hasn’t given permission to share information with others, a reference cannot be given.

Please don’t list a Renter’s name as a reference without their consent. Doing so is a breach of privacy.

All activities are consensual. Underage persons, coercion, abuse and illegal activities are never tolerated. Black-listing occurs when a person poses a risk to others and our property. Once black-listed, an offender may never return to the studio or be associated with it. We reserve this right.