Mid October 2011

Appearing at the Dominion

October 14, 17, 18, and 21

Did you see that fiery Aries full moon?  Was that awesome or what?  I wish I captured a photo of it.  At least I have photos from my trip to share.  I hope you enjoy them.

In my last blog I mentioned that I was hoping a keyboard would fall out of the sky, and into my lap, so that I may get back into piano playing.  Well, my manifestation worked!  Praise the Universe!  I’m being gifted a keyboard by a wonderful friend.  Wishes do come true!

Well, if it worked for a keyboard, maybe it will work for something else?  Okay, here it goes:

My bestest friend Hudsy Hawn is going to Kink in the Caribbean this November to perform.  She and I are joined at the hip so I’m going to miss her immensely.  Recall that Hudsy and I went to the Dominican Republic last June and then to Burning Man in August, so not going to Jamaica for beach and playful times with her is killing me!

I’ve been invited to stay with her, but I am not in a position to join her UNLESS buckets of frequent flier miles fall into my lap, along with some help to cover my travel expenses.  Why am I not already signed up for the event?  Well, I didn’t sign-up for the gig because I originally had other things on my plate, but things have now changed.  If a kind, kind soul, who enjoys what I do for the world, would help me make it out to Jamaica it would be a wonderful way to serve me.  In return I will thank you personally by Skypeing you each day from the event.   Deal?   Email me at snow@snowmercy.com.

Alright, so I put it out there.  Let’s see what comes back.  :positive thinking:


Okay, let’s hear about my last trip to San Francisco.  Now, it was supposed to be a vanilla business trip but I managed to squeeze in some sight seeing and time with friends.

First of all, I got to spend a lot of time around the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s a toll bridge, which I didn’t know.  I crossed it about four times because I was staying in Marin County.  Six dollars?  I prefer L.A. traffic–it’s free.


I also did a photo shoot by the GGB.  Photos to come soon, but here’s a hint of the background and what I wore.  D, you should be happy…I wore my RL white outfits and my Hermes scarf.  I used my Victoria’s Secret leather jacket to keep warm afterward.


I saw the GGB in the background during the Fleet Week air show as well.  Oh, how I love jets and I hope I get my pilot’s license!  Here’s a photo of some of the sea vessels in the bay during the show.

I indulged in a BBQ on the pier, where my Fleet Week host knows a wholesale fish market owner.

Ever eat BBQ oysters?  They were outstanding!

Big thumbs up on the periodic table of fish that they had in the market’s office.


What else was I up to?  I kissed turtles at the California Academy of Sciences museum.

It may be hard to tell but I wore the Bloomingdale’s dress J gave me.  Thanks J!

I saw fishies and sea life in the CAS’s aquarium.


I celebrated a friend’s birthday at OSHA Thai in the Castro District.

OSHA’s pumpkin-corn fritters are to die for, and I love the orchids they place on each plate.  I <3  orchids.  I have one I take care of in the lobby of the Dominion.   I kinda have a green thumb for them.


BTW, what is with all the Libras I know?  It seems everyone is having their birthday this month.  I heard that October is the biggest birth month around, and it may be because Valentine’s Day gets people in the mood 9 months earlier.   Ha!

At my friend’s office, I watched the new FX TV show called American Horror Story with the birthday girl.  There’s a ghost that wears Syren latex in it.  OMG!


Here’s a photo of a friend’s chandelier that hangs in the kitchen.  I love SF architecture and style.  Most of all, I LOVE chandeliers.


I saw my namesake–snow!  It was snowing on a drive through Lake Tahoe.  Brrr!


I saw the 80’s film “The Goonies” at the Castro Theatre.  What a gorgeous place and what a great movie.  It’s one of my faves from childhood.


Woo!  All this traveling has worn me out.  However, you will see in action me at the Dominion October 14, 17, 18, and 21.  Please stop by and say “hi” to me because it looks like I’ll probably be out of town again soon.



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