October 2011

Happy October everyone!  This is the only month where it’s socially acceptable to be myself.

Hooray!  It’s also the month of D.’s birthday.  Happy birthday, D!

It’s also Hudsy Hawn’s birthday this month. Happy birthday, Hudsy!  We’re celebrating all month long with a trip to Disney Land, Universal Studios, and other nights out on the town.  I <3 Hudsy.

Missing me?  I’m still away from L.A., but not for long.  I’ve been productive and working hard to make it possible for me to enjoy life in L.A.  It’s a small sacrifice and I even squeezed in a photo shoot.  I’ll post photos once they are ready.

Before I return to L.A. I’m making a stop in NorCal to visit friends.  Mark your calendars because I’ll be in the Bay Area starting Oct. 6th to Oct. 10th–message me if you’d like to see me.  What will I be up to?  Well, a friend of mine is celebrating a birthday in the Castro District, I’m attending an event at the California Academy of Sciences,  and I’ll be taking private piano lessons (see below). Then there’s Burning Man Decompression.  I missed the LA Deompression so I’m not gonna miss the one in SF.  It’s going to be a fun break from it all.

How do I do it all, traveling that is?  Like the majority of my trips, it’s through the generous spirit of my friends and their comfy couches, a super connected network, and carpooling that I am able to pull together this adventure.  I love my friends.

Piano lessons?  What?  You probably didn’t know that I am trained in classical piano–I play a mean Moonlight Sonata–but I haven’t practiced over the years.  This may be because I haven’t had a piano to practice on–they are rather heavy, noisy things for apartment living.  Well, I plan to take a crash refresher course, thanks to my wonderful friend who owns a piano studio in SF, and get my skills back to normal.

What about back in L.A.?  Well I’ve been introduced to some rather realistic keyboards that operate like a real piano but can be moved with ease and not make a peep when headphones are plugged in.  So I’m now hoping a keyboard will fall out of the sky and into my lap.  A girl can dream, right?  Or maybe Craigslist will lead me to a great deal.

Then I’m back at the Dominion on the 11th of October.  I’ll be around on the 13th and 14th as well.  Be sure to stop in to welcome me home.  I’ll also be around until the end of October, but my schedule is yet to be announced.  Check the Dominion site for updated schedule details.

More news: I’m excited to do a photo shoot with my friend Reidar on the 23rd.  I can’t wait!  Woo hoo!

Wanna do something fun for Halloween AND see me perform?  Well, look no farther.  See me at the Art of Bleeding shows on the 28-30th.  Now, I may not make it to the show on the 28th, but we’ll see.


I discovered a new designer called Artifice Clothing, www.artificeclothing.com.  OMG, I want everything they have!


You know, there’s so much more going on but I’ll leave it for the next blog.  Spank ya later!

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