Goddex Vicious

Kneel before this breathtaking Trans Goddex and have your consciousness irreversibly expanded by an extra-dimensional being whose true beauty can only be perceived by the ephemeral reflections and mysterious shadows that She casts. Are you ready to splinter your knees upon the Sacred Altar of Her Cruelty?

Worthy initiates ache for Her to violently plunge into their depths, sink Her teeth into their innermost vulnerability, and drag them into the Crucible of Ordeal, where all that does not serve Her is burned away by the cleansing fire of Her indomitable Will. 

In devoting Her entire adult life to perfecting the practice of BDSM, Vicious has honed Her ability to assist submissives explore their highest and most authentic selves. She welcomes all gender identities and sexual orientations with Her extensive background in trauma-informed care. Every session opens with a discussion about desires and boundaries, concluding with integration and aftercare. 

Are you feeling called to explore? Excited to dive into a truly unforgettable experience? To be fully seen and held through Ordeal and Transcendence alike? To be broken by Her will, lost in your submission to Trans Divinity? To be completely ruined and rebuilt in Her image? Only worthy initiates may approach. Supplicate before your Goddex.