Nite Flirt

My Nite Flirt listings will be live again.  There was a technical difficulty, but it will be resolved soon!

Also, Oct. 3rd is a karaoke fundraiser in Burbank, CA, for my team Dominion Divas.  Please join us!  The link can be found in my previous posting.  So can the post for the Bowling For Boobies event on Oct. 6th in Studio City, CA.  I hope you can join us for these charity events!

If you haven’t already, go see the films “The Conjuring,” “You’re Next,” and “Insidious 2.”  I’ve enjoyed all three of them…so will you!  “Insidious 2” has a maze at Universal Horror Nights here in Los Angeles that will knock your socks off!

I’m giving a talk at The Death Salon on Friday, Oct. 18th, here in Hollywood.  Join me!

I’m still at The Dominion in Los Angeles.  You may request sessions by emailing me at snow at snowmercy dawt com.  I always like making new friends.  I also book modeling/acting projects…just ask!

I will be taking some time off from The Dominion in November, so see me while you can!

Glory Hole 2013 was AWESOME.  Photos will be posted soon!

Oh, boy, it’s Halloween season!  It’s my favorite time of year.  See you all around!






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