Footnight L.A., Nite Flirt, Fun!

Live far away and can’t see me at the Dominion?  Why not call me on Nite Flirt?  It’s easy, safe, discreet, and a trusted website.  I can even do web cam sessions!

I’m still at the Dominion Sunday to Wednesday and by special appointment.  I pretty much live at the Dominion, so find me there!  I love my line of work.  =)

I’ll be at the Los Angeles Footnight Party this Thursday, March 14th. Don’t miss it!


Ever since I appeared with Lisa Ling for “Our America” I’ve been busier than normal.  Many people have asked me to be part of projects, so my time is focused on these new and exciting prospects.  Some of them I can’t really talk about, but let me tell ya….they’re rather bad ass.  Stay tuned for updates.

So I’ve been up to a lot of no good lately, and more trips are in the planning.  I just got back from Las Vegas where I did a bunch of shoots and attended Foot Night.  One shoot was for  Nikki Rouge was my partner in crime along with Hudsy Hawn and Jocyln Stone.

130301_NikkiSnowHotTub 130309_NikkiSnow


Here’s our latest Dominion ad in DDI.  You’ll see Fet Pack is on the right page.  I’m also on the top right corner.


If you keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably notice I post a lot of light hearted photos of behind-the-scenes at The Dominion.  Here’s one of me in PJs with submissive poppy, with Mistress Layla in the background.  Hudsy gave the PJs to me as a gift, so I tried them on.


When not getting my feet worship or spanking bottoms, I sometimes brew kombucha tea.  Here is my latest batch.  It’s ALIVE!



I just did a shoot for  Here’s a still with my “victim.”  He tried to play the euphonium but just couldn’t mangae.


I met a really rad dog named Ollie while dining at Daichan restaurant in Studio City.130312_RadDogOllie


A friend sent me this cartoon.  She says I look just like her.  What do you think?






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