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I’ve been sick with a nasty cold since AVN Weekend in Vegas so I haven’t been active like I normally am.  You may always find me on Facebook tearing things up when you don’t see me on this website.  Check out


Miss me and can’t see me at The Dominion because you are busy slaying dragons or you are on a yacht in the South Pacific.  Well, I’m now on Nite Flirt and offering a LOW intro price.  Call me from anywhere in the World!
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Footnight Parties

I’m going to both Footnight Las Vegas on February 28 and the Los Angeles Footnight party on March 22nd.



I’m teaching workshops in North Hollywood, CA.

10437 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, California

March 16th, 2013


Back by popular demand, Snow Mercy is excited to teach her “Intro To BDSM” workshop again at The Other Door, a classy lounge that offers a private classroom setting.

Have a drink and learn kink!

To add to your skills, take the “Bondage & Restraint” workshop that follows. The “Intro To BDSM” workshop is recommended for enrollment in the “Bondage & Restraint” class.


2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Did “50 Shades of Grey” spark your curiosity? Or are you just looking to fulfill some desires but don’t know where to begin? Let this sixty-minute “Intro to BDSM” class designed for female oriented lovers take you there. .

You will learn the meaning of BDSM, an overview of different types of play, how to negotiate scenes, general BDSM etiquette, safety guidelines and tips to efficiently unleash your inner kinkster. BDSM resources will also be discussed along with how to use household items as BDSM equipment to get you started. Add confidence and heat between the sheets with this fun and informative workshop. Female couples and female singles welcome. All supplies provided.

Fee: Only $10 per person.

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Bondage is used for the sexual, aesthetic, and/or psychological pleasure of those involved where rope, cuffs, bondage tape or other restraints may be used. Capture her or be captured. Either way, where do you start? Designed for people who have a basic understanding of BDSM, this 90-minute hands-on workshop teaches you how to bind, tie, or restrict a person’s movement in a safe, sane, consensual manner. Learn basic rope ties, how to use cuffs, bondage tape, and plastic wrap for simple, yet effective, bondage & restraint. Female couples and female singles welcome. All supplies provided.

Fee: Only $15 per person or $10 if the person has attended any of Snow Mercy’s “Intro To BDSM” workshops in the past or same day.

Can’t make either class? Private lessons are also available at The Dominion

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