Photoshoots with Dave Tada and Michael Kahn

Today I modeled for photographer Dave Tada and videographer Michael Kahn.  Dave has been trying to work with me for years, so today we made it happen.  He originally found me on several years ago, and then on Facebook.  I know it took awhile to finally shoot, but it was worth the wait!  Check out his work here:

Here is a photo of me with my hairstylists, Mike and Charles at Goodhead on Sunset Blvd., as we prepared me for today.  In the back is my red-headed makeup artist Lisette Santana, who works for Cirque Berserk and Universal Studios. They did an outstanding job as you can see in the second photo  of me, in Syren latex, with Charles.



After the shoot with Dave Tada I drove from our Hollywood location all the way to the deep, deep Valley to meet with Michael Kahn.  Michael found me on Model Mayhem as well, and through Hudsy Hawn’s recommendation I happily made myself to model for him.  To get a taste of Michael’s work, check out his You Tube channel.  Here’s a video he did with Hudsy.

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