AVN/AEE Las Vegas Jan. 17-20

I’ll be in Las Vegas with my Fet Pack sisters Nikki Rouge and Hudsy Hawn for more madness in Sin City.  Here’s my schedule.

Thu, 17th
*Fet Pack appears at the Footnight Vegas Party and Jack The Zipper’s party

Fri, 18th
* Daytime shoot for Shadowlane co-starring Nicole Rouge & Koko Kitten
* Early eve’ Fet Pack gathers in our Hard Rock Headquarters
* Nighttime Ultimate After Party w/ the hottest people

Sat, 19th
*Daytime stunt fighting shoot, kicks yer face!
*Early eve’ Sophia Locke’s Cam Girl Afterparty
*Nighttime Ultimate After Party brings it to a close

Sun, 20th
*Afternoon shoot
*Departs Sin City for La-La Land


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