Holiday Schedule

Time for some holiday cheer!  I’ll be in Los Angeles this holiday season and would love to see you before the end of the year.  My Dominion schedule has changed to include Sundays!  Yes, I’ll be available on weekends for a change.  So find me at the World famous Dominion from Sunday through Wednesday.  I’ve even extended my hours on Mondays to include evenings for my friends who can only see me during the week in the evening.  I hope to meet new people and see old friends for the holiday spirit.

Thinking of getting me something special for the holidays?  Normally I tell people to donate to charities in my name, and please do if you are so inclined.  Particularly I like UNICEF, Food on Foot, and Lamda Legal.  However, this year I’m finding myself in need of a new computer.  My laptop is limping along from 2007, and it is very, very slow and full of bugs.  One reason I haven’t been able to push forward with a lot of my projects is due to the lack of a fast computer.

I’m a Mac person so something like an iMac desktop computer would be wonderful.  I don’t need a large screen, so a 21.5 inch screen would suffice.  Also, in order to do photo and video editing I need the “Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard software” to go with it.  So maybe Santa will leave this under the Christmas tree for me, or YOU might surprise me?  To discuss this gift option, please message me at

In the meantime, happy holidays!

Nikki Rouge, Snow Mercy, Hudsy Hawn = Fet Pack


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