Where in the World…?

As a professional dominant who plays safely and consensually, it is always a pleasure to have a submissive in service to me.  Frustrated because you couldn’t serve me at The Dominion this Halloween week?  Sorry to let you down, but I was tucked away in bed nursing the flu.  Now I’m off to luscious Jamaica for Kink In The Caribbean!  Keep up with me/stalk me via Twitter and Facebook for exciting photos of the trip as they happen.  I can’t wait to spend this time with my Fet Pack sisters Nikki Rouge and Hudsy Hawn laughing, modeling, & living the good life at an all exclusive resort.

Nikki and I appear in the film Black Room Doom together.  I hear there’s been some new editing happening to BRD to improve it.  Updates soon!

I return to The Dominion on Monday, Nov. 12th and will be there all week.  I look forward to sharing my stories and hearing your thoughts.  I will also be at Footnight Los Angeles, on Thursday, the 15th.

I’ll be visiting Las Vegas later this month.   This will be purely for pleasure.  =)

Okay, got a plane to catch…

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