Every day should be Halloweenie!

Book a session with me at The Dominion.  I am available Oct. 25, 26, 29-31st.  Yes, I’ll be available on Halloween for sessions!



So Halloween is around the corner, and I am surprisingly not performing this week.  I planned it this way so I can focus on other things like my Domina Fragrance.  I also leave for Kink In the Caribbean on Nov. 2nd, so there’s lots of prep to do for this.  Reality shows have also been working with me, and my music is still alive and being considered for several projects.  So finding time for other things is rare.  As a result, this Halloween is relatively stress-free.

Sunday’s Bowling for Boobies went very well.  Two rock star and two Mistresses were on my team, which made for a fun mix of people.  I raised $1041 for the charity, which makes me very, very happy!  Thanks to all who donated!






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