Ride a Unicorn Aug. 24th!

Friday, August 24th, I’ll be a Club Breath in Downtown L.A. www.clubbreath.com.  The same night I’ll help host Black Unicorn at The Dragonfly, Hollywood.  http://www.thedragonfly.com/event/154493/  Join me!

What else is in store?

August 29-Sept. 4: Burning Man.  This means I won’t be at The Dominion during this time.  So see me soon!

Sept. 13 is Gory Hole at Pleasure Chest, Los Angeles.

Sept. 14 is the next Black Unicorn at Dragonfly.

Sept. 20 is tentatively set for a fetish event at Universal Bar and Grill.   Stay tuned.

Oct. 7th: Fet Pack and Koko Kitten will teach kink classes at The Dominion.  Stay tuned.

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