Exclusive Education 7 Is Here!!

It’s here!  It took three days of shooting on my part to make Exclusive Education 7.  That’s three days!  I don’t know if you know much about spanking videos, but normally a model shoots for just one day.  My arm was killing me after this epic production…seriously.  I’ve never had a sorer arm.

So make it worth my while and check out EE7 at girlspanksgirl.com.  My Dominion sisters Koko Kitten and Edanya also appear in this instant classic.  Meet us in person in Los Angeles at The Dominion www.dominionsm.com.

You can also meet me at Club Breath in L.A. on August 24th www.clubbreath.com.  Then come to the after party at Black Unicorn http://www.facebook.com/events/405175532872209/.

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