Sunday, April 1st, Los Angeles Times Story

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.  I’m in the L.A. Times Sunday edition in a story featuring Kim Fowley.  In print, the story made the front page of the Arts and Books section.  Online it can be read here:,0,7363143.story.

In the Times article the ladies of Black Room Doom and I are described as “poised, intelligent beings.” My show on April 3 at Skinny’s is discussed along with my March show in Detroit. “Per usual, the infamous pop schlockmeister has a beautiful young woman by his side. Fowley wants to transform Snow Mercy, a scientist-turned-dominatrix/performance artist, into his latest star.”

Don’t forget to see me sing this Tuesday at 10 PM at Skinny’s North Hollywood.  Details can be found here:!/events/174377322681272/

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