Snow Mercy to host Playboy TV’s hit reality show “Foursome”

I’m pleased to announce that I am shooting a new video with Clare Fonda.  I love shooting with her and it shows in my work (which is hardly work but my accountant disagrees because the IRS seems to consider me tax-worthy).  Catch examples of previous Clare Fonda work at and

I am also hosting Playboy TV’s hit reality show “Foursome.”  YES, you heard right.  I’m gonna be on Playboy!  We are scheduled to film next week before I leave for Austin’s SXSW festival.  I’ll let you know how it goes and when it airs.  I’m so excited!

Also, I am at the Dominion today, Wednesday, March 7th, and Friday March 9th.  I will not be available the following week (March 12-18) because I am filming for Playboy and I will then be in Austin.  I plan to return the week of March 19th.

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