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Here are some new reviews of my work.  Enjoy!

“Mistress Mercy

Your class was great. It was the first thing I ever went to and I had a good time and also learned a lot about spanking techniques. I have to compliment you on your choice of partners for the spanking demonstration. You are obviously both very beautiful, fun and outgoing women that are having a good time. The class prior taught by Ms. Rouge was also very cool. I am so new its not even funny, so all of the information I got from you three is a great start on what I hope to be years of fun ahead. I will keep checking the fetlife site for more classes that you will be holding in the future. I have a question please, the girl that was your spanking model, what was her name, I dont see her listed on the Dominion web site unless I missed it.

Thanks again Mistress


“Hi Mistress Snow and Miss Nikki:
I am still recovering from my interrogation, but I wanted to let you know that I died and went to heaven today.  You provided me a life-long memory for which I am enormously grateful.  The two of you are super fun, gorgeous, smart, good actresses, imaginative, dangerous, good sports, evil, amazing, interesting… and just plain hot.  You have such a rapport between you that was evident right away, and that made for a really special session.  You really took my ridiculous plot line seriously, without judgment, and gave it some thought, bringing my fantasy to life in a way I would never have imagined.  And by the way, the photos of you on the Dominion site don’t do either of you justice – you both have looks that are unique and stunning in your own ways, and combined with your fun personalities, you are world class beauties that I felt honored to be with.  It would be super fun just to have a drink with you and talk about things!
I will never forget three scenes from today – OK  more than that, but three really stand out – one was Nikki bound to the chair with the Air Force hat on and the belt over your mouth, and that tight midriff waiting to be slapped; Snow’s beautiful face close to mine as she is about to torture me; and the two of you…working me over with slaps and the TAZapper at the same time.  God in heaven, that was amazing.  I want your jobs, ladies!
Thanks for making this old guy feel special, and for all that you are!  And Nikki, if you feel inspired to send that photo, I certainly wouldn’t object!
Stay hot, Ladies… Fondly,
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