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Valentine’s Day was sweet and I got some lovely gifts.  Thanks so much to you-know-who-you-are.  I hope everyone got some sort of love and kindness.  We all deserve to be loved.

I was hoping to write a long blog but time is never on my side.  Instead, I give you a few sentences and photos.

Sad news: no Barcelona for my birthday.  I’m rather devastated that the trip was canceled on me, but life is filled with disappointments.  Worse things could happen, and I’m still going to Europe.  It will be another city where I spend my birthday.

There’s a chance I’m going to Detroit at the end of this month.  I’ll let you know if this happens.

I’m still waiting to see if I’m going to SXSW in March.  Again, the waiting game is being played.

Okay, here’s a few photos from today.  I am the luckiest girl sometimes…look at the costume I got to wear!  This inspired my friend Tommy O to create the following image.  Enjoy!




Also, Hudsy Hawn gave me a shout out on video last week.  Watch here:



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