Coolio is one of Snow Mercy’s biggest fans.

While I was living the vida loca with my girls in Las Vegas on January 21, 2012, I came across Coolio at The Hard Rock Casino.  Yes, Coolio.  Click this link to refresh your memory of who is Coolio.

Well, Coolio took a liking to me–he liked my latex–inviting me over to his “crib” in Vegas and suggesting he make me breakfast.  I politely declined but I did go down the gangsta’ rabbit hole.  Around 4:30 AM, Coolio loaded me and Nikki Rouge into his chauffeured ride and off we went to the Trump Plaza for an adventure.  There we found ourselves in a penthouse high in the sky full of nekkid porn stars and a DJ pumping out beats.  We watched the sun rose over the Las Vegas skyline, I watched Coolio eat a whole bag of Doritos, and then we finally tapped out and returned to our suite at the Venetian, leaving Coolio behind.  Yes, I got his cell phone number.  No, we’re not dating…he’s just a fan of mine.

The best part of the night:  Nikki ended up with Coolio’s sunglasses.  They now sit triumphantly at her home in Los Angeles.  No, I’m not making this up.  I don’t need to.

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