September 2011

I’m slowly getting the hang of this web page builder.  Today I figured out how to insert photos into my blog rather than keeping them isolated to a gallery.  Woo hoo!  So this blog took me several hours to write…I thought technology was supposed to make things go faster?


I’m back safe-and-sound from Burning Man. 

It was an intense week of art, music, dancing, and hot weather, but it was well worth it.  I was lucky to be part of a fetish camp that included Nieldhaus members and new friends.

We borrowed furniture from the generous Robert Fluty of and we gave bdsm demonstrations throughout the week.

People seemed genuinely interested and I think we made some new deviants.  My favorite bdsm moment was flogging people at the Black Rock City airport–we posed as TSA officers and delivered punishments for any infraction we could think of.

Above is a crotch shot of the Man.  It’s hard to tell how tall he is, but he’s pretty darn tall…a man after my own heart.

Below is a photo of me enjoying a St. Andrew’s Cross teeter totter.  I’m the one in white having a little too much fun.


Back at the Dominion

The playa dust still has yet to settle, and my car could use a good detailing, but I’m back in the saddle in Los Angeles.  I spent last week at the Dominion seeing many of my great friends and hanging out with the lovely ladies of the D.  Oh, how I missed the Dominion!

Have you noticed I’m the model in the LA Weekly ad for the Dominion?  Well, if you didn’t know now is the time to find an issue featuring me.

So when can you play with me?  I will be at the Dominion September 12 and 14-16.  The schedule for the following week isn’t available yet, but I will probably be available the first part of next week.  Then I’ll be leaving town, yet again, until about the second week of October.  This upcoming trip is work-related, but I promise I’ll return.  So see me while you can!



So, what events are on the horizon?  Well, last night I attended Club Ruin at the Monte Cristo.  It was a VERY last minute event so I couldn’t announce it, but there will be more opportunities to see me at clubs.  Here’s a photo of me and Hudsy Hawn.  I’m wearing my gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress–thanks D!


September 17: Club Suicide

On September 17th I will attend Club Suicide at the Monte Cristo.  I won’t be in charge this time.  Rather my great friend Hudsy Hawn will be, but I will be there to support her.

October 28-30th: Art of Bleeding

Mark your calendars for October 28-30th.  I’m performing with Art of Bleeding at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, just in time for Halloween.  I’m looking forward to a gruesome, bloody time with sexy nurses and car accident victims.  Click the Art of Bleeding link above for more info.



When you get the chance check out Clare Fonda’s latest videos starring me.  The highly anticipated Exclusive Education 6 is almost here!  Thanks to D. for my Ralph Lauren shirt and Hermes scarf that I wore in the video.


I found a website that has some information about me and my videos.  Check it out here.  You can read about my last video with my friend Sophia Locke, a red headed beauty.



Sometimes I get asked if the ladies of the Dominion are friends outside the Dominion.  Of course we are!  Here’s a photo taken this past summer at the W Hotel in Hollywood.  That’s Hudsy Hawn, me, and Nikki Rouge (L to R) in the photo below.  We were celebrating Layla’s birthday in style.


Here’s a new photo taken of me at Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 2011 back in May.  It’s very artsy, zero fetish, but I think you might like it.


Finally, thank you to D for visiting me at Club Suicide in July and everything you do for me!  I feel so spoiled!    I hope you like this photo Violet took of us while I was taking a break from playing.

Okay, time for me to close this.  I’ve got tons of dusty laundry to wash and not a slave in sight.


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