European Tour April 12-April 23

In 13 hours I am being whisked away to LAX to board an airplane bound to Paris, France.  On April 11th, I’ll step foot on European soil for the second time in two-years.  This time will be immensely different.  Instead of as a tourist, I’ll be visiting Europe as a singer/performance artist with three albums under my belt.

My albums will be released while Kim Fowley and I tour Europe between April 12-April 23.  The first one will be released on Friday, the 13th, my birthday!  What a wonderful way to start a new year of existing!

My life has been extraordinary and I am so thankful for all the things that have come my way.  Everyone has the ability to live a life an adventure.  One just has to be open to it, like a radio that is tuned into all the radio signals.

I’ve been working tirelessly to get everything ready for this trip.  A few people have accused me of “not paying my dues.”  Excuse me?  Have you not seen the body of work I’ve done since the day I was born?  My goodness!  You surely don’t know me if you don’t think I deserve to have good things happen to me.

A natural born leader, I was born to a family with a blind father.  I had to be my dad’s eyes and maneuver him through life, which included A LOT of traveling since dad worked as a computer analyst for an airlines.  I’ve been a tour manager since I could walk.

At 5-years old I was the “Mistress of Ceremonies” for my kindergarten graduation after I stole the show at our Thanksgiving pageant–I was such a striking and energetic pilgrim on stage that they naturally had me lead the entire class through our end of the year program, all without any adults getting in the way.

Plays, plays, plays..I wrote them, directed them, starred in them.  My dolls, cousins, and I were the stars of every relative’s living room.

Don’t make me run through the list of stuff I did in high school.  I competed all over the US in acting competitions, and I directed plays.

College years found me dating lots of guys in bands.  I spent a lot of time sitting through rehearsals, loading gear, guarding gear on the street as people searched for Hollywood parking, suffering through crappy bands to hear my boyfriend’s band only to have the crowd be a-holes, watching fights with sound men, passing out fliers, making calls to friends to see bands, etc.

I was the speaker for my entire class at my university when I got my B.S. degree.  I stood in front of thousands and delivered a speech while the Dean and professors watched on stage with me.

And then enters the fetish world…I’ve done so many stage performances across the US that I’ve lost track.  I’ve gigged on so many low budget films, commercials, and music videos that I know what it’s like to “hurry up and wait.”  I’ve made my own costumes, props, music tracks, and hoped for the best when the curtain was drawn. I’ve carried gear up tall staircases in the rain and been stiffed by promoters.  I travel with fake eyelashes and a sewing kit at all times for a reason. Such is the life of an entertainer.

So to the haters: I love you all.  (Kill ’em with kindness.)

So why did I go into science, and not go into entertaining when I sprung out of high school?  The answer is simple: no one encouraged me.  I was a girl who was really good in science and math.  What would you tell her to do?  You’d probably tell her to become a doctor or scientist so she could have a solid career and not have to worry about money.  Yep, that’s what everyone pushed me to do.

So I pursued science, but every stinking second I threw in entertainment.  My presentations were often talked about for their entertainment value, and I had the coolest, prettiest, most interesting graphics in my reports.  I loved giving talks and was always eager to be in front of a crowd.   Had I owned a video camera and had Youtube been around in grad school, I bet I would have been a science video star.  Alas, I was a little too early for this.  Youtube came about just as I earned my Ph.D.

So I was an entertainer stuck in a scientist’s career path.

Okay, now that I’ve vented and run out of time….

Watch this nifty video:

Also, good news.  Now anyone can follow me on Facebook now!  I set my profile to public.  Enjoy!


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