Travel Updates

Los Angeles is my home base, but I love to travel.  Find me at the following locations during the listed dates.  Don’t see your city?  Ask me about visiting yours by sending an email:

Paris and Oslo, EU: April 18-May 18, 2018

Fort Lauderdale, FL; Fetish Factory Weekend: May 24-28, 2018

Chicago, IL:  June 27-July 1, 2018

Las Vegas, NV: July 6-9, 2018

Black Rock City, NV; Burning Man Festival: Aug. 28-Sept. 3

Manhattan, NY: No dates are scheduled yet, but I do want to return before winter.  September seems likely.



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Listen to my latest interviews!

Below is a selection of Snow Mercy interviews.

Episode 34 – Clowning Around with Snow Mercy
Jan 15, 2018
Dominatrix Snow Mercy educates Erin on the history of the female dominant on this episode of V-Carded. They discuss everything from financial domination, to public humiliation, and the story of the weirdest request she’s ever received from a client. Then, they delve into Coulrophilia (clown fetish) and Snow tells the tale of how she lost her clown virginity. We’re back with a bang on Season 2 of V-Carded!
“I know I had a good night when I have clown make-up smeared inside my thighs.” – Snow Mercy


Dominatrix Snow Mercy: Spanking, Science & The Dirty Banana – Ep 21 Dec 25, 2017. Dominatrix Snow Mercy gives us treats for Christmas! She tells us how a PhD in Biochemistry lead her to the dungeon, the joys of clown play, why being dominant helped her combat sexism in the science world, how to use BDSM to as a motivator for adulting, plus we get a spanking mini-lesson. Snow also shares a hilarious story about a very dirty banana! Ken is Ebeneezer Scrooge & Sunny & Ken get disappointing news from Visit for Snow’s bonus story of a spanking session gone wrong.

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Footnight SFV 12/21 & Give Until it Hurts

Thursday, December 12th, find me at the Footnight SFV party.  Get your tickets now or you might miss this intimate soirée with your favorite models.

I’m giving away Domme sessions!* From now until Dec. 31, 2017, donate $$$ to, or and receive an equal discount off from a private Domme session with me.

*To qualify: The kind donation must be made between 12/9/17 and 12/31/17. The donation must be in your legal name and verifiable. No reschedules please. Nontransferrable. Current and future appointments are eligible until 1/31/2018. Appointments outside of #MercyStudioLA aren’t eligible. I reserve the right to refuse this offer to anyone. Good for up to $300. The discount can be split across more than one session but must be used by 1/31/2018.

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Travel Schedule

Las Vegas: 12/6-12/9
San Fernando Valley Footnight: 12/21
Las Vegas, AVN: 1/25-1/28
Seattle, WA: mid April to 4/19
Paris, France: 4/20-early May
Oslo, Norway: early May-5/17
Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 5/24-5/28
Otherwise Los Angeles, CA

Apply at

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Upcoming events

Email for more info.


Sept. 9, Stockroom U, LA, 3-4:30 PM


Sept. 16-20, NYC


Sept. 28th, Footnight LA, 7 PM-1 AM


Sept. 30th, Club Breath LA, 1-6 PM


First week of Oct., Baltimore, TBA

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Feeling feisty!

What happens when an insatiable kinkster opens her own BDSM studio?  You get someone enthralled with the freedom of her own play space with her in-person play partners. However, her cyber play partners question: does she still love us?

Yes, sweetie, I still love you.  Just because you don’t find me online as often doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It just means good things are happening away from my keyboard.

Come find out for yourself!  I’m growing into this chapter of my life with vitality while cultivating relationships that will last a lifetime.  A consequence of owning a personal BDSM studio is I can create a world richer for all of my partners.

No plans have been made for travel outside of Los Angeles just yet.  It’s relatively easy for me to travel to Las Vegas, so make me an excuse to visit Sin City.  Check with me via email to see if I’ll be in town the next time you are there.  In addition, I would love to return to NYC soon.  If you have a certain date in mind for the Big Apple, I’m open to meeting you there.

Please email me to play or for your next event:

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