Upcoming events

Email snow@snowmercy.com for more info.


Sept. 9, Stockroom U, LA, 3-4:30 PM



Sept. 16-20, NYC


Sept. 28th, Footnight LA, 7 PM-1 AM



Sept. 30th, Club Breath LA, 1-6 PM



First week of Oct., Baltimore, TBA

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Feeling feisty!

What happens when an insatiable kinkster opens her own BDSM studio?  You get someone enthralled with the freedom of her own play space with her in-person play partners. However, her cyber play partners question: does she still love us?

Yes, sweetie, I still love you.  Just because you don’t find me online as often doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It just means good things are happening away from my keyboard.

Come find out for yourself!  I’m growing into this chapter of my life with vitality while cultivating relationships that will last a lifetime.  A consequence of owning a personal BDSM studio is I can create a world richer for all of my partners.

No plans have been made for travel outside of Los Angeles just yet.  It’s relatively easy for me to travel to Las Vegas, so make me an excuse to visit Sin City.  Check with me via email to see if I’ll be in town the next time you are there.  In addition, I would love to return to NYC soon.  If you have a certain date in mind for the Big Apple, I’m open to meeting you there.

Please email me to play or for your next event: snow@snowmercy.com

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Help Me Win “Best Female Spanker”

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Please help Me win “Best Female Spanker 2016”.  Vote using the following link.


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Mistress-in-training visits Mercy Studio LA, Feb. 10-13

Mistress-in-training Amelie is visiting me from Chicago, which means you can be her practice dummy! Eager to expand her horizons, Amelie will study me in action, so you will get double the trouble this weekend. Solo sessions with Amelie will be considered at MY discretion.

Miss Amelie is a stunning, young brunette, heavily tattooed, with a classic 1940s pinup model figure. Photos available by request for my loyal play partners.

We will be stirring trouble at my Los Angeles personal play space, Mercy Studio LA, from Feb. 10-13.  My studio is equipped with plenty of toys I’ve collected over the years plus custom Downtown Willy furniture: bondage table, 6 ft long cage, horse, and a suspension rig (three different suspension bars & suspension cage). In addition, there is a throne, large leather sectional couch, high-backed chairs, and plenty of full length mirrors to watch the action in any of the four rooms. A full bathroom w/ shower and kitchen are also available.

Los Angeles play dates outside of my studio will be considered.

Email snow@snowmercy.com for serious inquiries.

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Would you like to play?

Email snow@snowmercy.com with requests.

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Las Vegas Nov. 8-10, Footnight

img_0856See you in Las Vegas November 8-10.  I am accepting service applications for the 8th and 9th.  On the 10th I will be modeling at The Las Vegas Footnight party.  Please email snow@snowmercy.com to apply.

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