Suggested D/s Protocol

Unless instructed otherwise, the following rules of behavior are suggested for submissives striving to deepen their submission.

There is a time, place, and purpose for all things. Choose what’s best for you, always. D/s is a role play. It takes at least two. Do your part.

Silence is golden. Speak only when spoken to or ask permission to speak.

Privacy, secrets, and untruths hinder submission. Practice noble speech. Saying things in hopes of manipulating Mistress is unacceptable.

Keep yourself clean, groomed, and neatly dressed. In addition, your home, vehicle, and personal affairs are to be kept in order before you can offer yourself for submission.

When alone with Mistress, you are to be fully exposed and available for Mistress’ use.

Unless physically restricted, stand at attention in the presence of Mistress whenever She enters a room or excuses Herself from a seated position.

The very first greeting of the day includes a humble kneeling at Her feet and kisses to the tops of Her feet.

When walking with Mistress, keep to Her right, one step behind.  When leading Mistress somewhere, keep to Her right side and use your palm to direct.

Hands and eyes are to be kept to themselves.

Open doors for Mistress. Offer to carry Her belongings.

Her belongings do not touch the floor, especially Her purse, food, and shopping bags. Luggage never sits on a bed; use a luggage rack or smooth surface chair.

Mistress orders Her meal first or She may instruct you to order on Her behalf.  Mistress chooses your dishes with respect to your tastes.

Mistress always tastes Her food and beverage first.  Wait for permission to dine.
Mistress sits first.  Stop eating when Mistress is finished eating.

Do not sit on furniture without permission.  When alone with Mistress, sit on the floor near Her right side.

Mistress chooses bedtime and when to rise.  When She is retiring and when She awakens, be by Her bed, ready to serve in any manner that pleases Her.

Do not contradict Mistress in public.  Ask to speak privately with Her instead. Mistress is open-minded and appreciates your thoughts. It deepens our D/s practice.

Punishments for misbehavior are at the discretion of Mistress. Public play isn’t consensual, so discipline will happen privately or discreetly if feasible.

Mistress aims to be reasonable, risk-aware, consensual, and kinky.  Please openly communicate with Her to get the most out of your enjoyment in serving Her.

Safe words are to be used and respected. Both Mistress and submissive will use safe words as needed without shame or judgement.