In case you need a referral, this is my policy.

Play partner referrals are written on a case-by-case basis. To stay current, only persons I have seen within the last 6-months are eligible. If it’s been over 6-months, I suggest playing with me in-person or via NiteFlirt to get reacquainted.

In consideration of my time, a non-refundable fee equal to half of my hourly tribute is required when making the request. No exceptions. Note: submission of the fee does not mean I will give a positive referral if you don’t meet the standards; the fee simply covers my time & effort.

For the sake of privacy, I do not release the names of a play partner until I get express consent from the partner. Even if the inquirer is someone I know well, I will not release information without permission.

In summary, to request a referral:

1. Submit the processing fee by a trusted method. For example, gift cards for Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and Apple are accepted.

2. Contact me directly to request the referral.

3. Ask the inquiring individual to contact me directly for a referral.

4. I will relay the referral to the inquirer after your fee has cleared.

5. I will send you a follow-up confirmation.

How to earn a positive referral:

Use common courtesy.

Be on time to your play dates.

Cancel play dates with at least 24-hours notice.

Use clear communication.

Good hygiene is a must!

Be respectful of boundaries.

Be discreet.

Keep our play time to ourselves; don’t share the details with others.

Stay within our negotiated play.

Humbly offer tribute.

Be a decent human.

How to earn a negative review and get black-listed:

Be chronically late or don’t show up for a play date.

Chronically contact me for matters unrelated to a play date.

Initiate irrelevant communication.

Ignore hygiene.

Tribute haggle.

Make back biting comments or gossip about other play partners.

Name-drop play partners.

Cancel a play date last-minute without retribution.

Use stalker-like behavior.

Attempt to uncover my private information.

Appear under-the-influence.

Engage in illegal activities.

Lie, cheat, steal, or manipulate.