As some of you know, I am an educator by trade, kinkster by choice.  So why not blend the two and teach some workshops?

Sept. 20, 2014

Spanking Workshop, BondCon, San Francisco, CA

Spanking 101

Presented by Mistress Snow Mercy

Spanking is a diverse and wonderful BDSM activity used for pleasure, pain, discipline, and power exchange. From sensual play to strict discipline, this fun class introduces various forms of spanking as either a giver or receiver. Explore your limits, try new implements, and find new ways of impact! Rules of safety and etiquette will also be discussed. Live demonstrations will illustrate key points.



3 Responses to Workshops

  1. Spanky says:

    Hello Snow,
    I caught you on the Rev Mel Show. Very cool. You have been on me “To Meet” list for awhile. We have a mutual friend who raves about you (BlueMeetsBlue on Fetlife). I teach classes on Spanking and would love to discuss both with you at some time.

  2. Justin Martin says:

    I was wondering if you sell ur freshly worn clothes? I love the scent of a woman and id pay a lot to buy ur worn clothes

  3. Sarah says:

    Pretty please tell me I can find a fitness class in LA with you 🙂

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