Schedule at The Dominion

July 1o, 2011

I will be modeling at Foot Night this Thursday, July 14th.  Join me!

July 9, 2011

On July 2st I helped the beautiful Nikki Rouge celebrate her birthday.  She had a pinata decorated as a Mistress, which was a riot.  Then on July 3nd Labyrinth of Jareth was awesome.  I had such a great time dressed as, what I call, a “cotton candy geisha from outer space.”  My friends looked spectacular as well.  Then on July 4th I celebrated with a few of the D ladies at a private party.  Fun was had for all.  Then I had to rush over to Hawthorne airport for a private plane ride over L.A. while the fireworks displays erupted below us.  It was great watching fireworks across the coastline and over the Queen Mary cruise ship.

This week I attended a fashion show featuring Nikki Rouge at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood.  She looked smashing.  Tonight I’m off to a private gala Downtown which has a Shangai theme.  I’m so excited!

Anyhow, you may notice I’m not on the Dominion schedule.  I shall return in August…promise!  I’ll be setting off near Labor Day for my annual trek to Burning Man in Nevada.  There’s some talk of another Las Vegas trip somewhere between now and then.  Stay tuned!

If you are dying to see me please call the Dominion to see if I am available for special appointments on the day of your choosing until I’m back on the schedule.

June 16, 2011

Art of Bleeding at the Hive Gallery: June 4th
See my costume in the photo to the right.

Club Suicide: June 18th at the Monte Cristo.
Wish me bon boyage before I head to the Caribbean for a fetish event.

Caribbean Fetish Fest: June 20th-24th
I will be in the Dominican Republic.  I regret not seeing any of my friends at the Dominion this week.

Club Ruin: June 25th at the Monte Cristo
I will be arriving late, straight from LAX with a Caribbean tan.

Dominion: July 1st
This will be my last scheduled day at the Dominion until August.  Special appointments only with long-time friends will be considered.

Labyrinth of Jareth: July 2nd, Downtown L.A.

Exclusive Education 6 Shoot: August 7th

Burning Man: Labor Day week, end of August
This event is in Black Rock City, Nevada.  I will not be in L.A. for about two weeks.

May 10, 2011

You may have noticed I returned to the Dominion this month.   I am scheduled to appear on Fridays until further notice.  Knowing me I can disappear without notice, so see me while you can.

Please note that I will be in Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend (May 27-31).  If you are interested in booking  me this weekend please visit my contact page.

Other than the Dominion, how else can you see me in Los Angeles?  Well, I host the play area at Club Suicide on Saturday, May 21st, at the Monte Cristo.  Visit the Club Suicide website for free admission before 10:30 PM, hot photos, and more details.

I will be visiting DomCon LA the weekend of May 20-22nd.  I don’t have a set time yet.  It’s going to be a surprise.

Have you seen my latest videos with Clare Fonda?  They can be found on the Clips 4 Sale store called Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked.  See me dressed as Wonder Woman and with a petite little blonde over my knee.    Let me know what you think!

Have you seen my latest video with Shadow Lane?  What, you haven’t?  What’s stopping you?  I star with the gorgeous red-head Nikki Rouge.  Nikki and I both appear at the Dominion regularly.  Inquire about doing a double-session with us to re-live the Shadow Lane video!

I am lucky to shoot with Clare again on May 22nd.  My Las Vegas friend Sophia Locke and I will shoot for the first time together.  I can’t wait!

Last, but not least, I shoot with Spanking Court again on June 4th.  You can watch my first video with Sybil Hawthorne soon.

I am still in touch with the orphanage in Haiti.   The director of the orphanage has his own Facebook page.  Visit it and befriend him.   Even though I am in L.A., I’ve been helping to pay the salaries of the two teachers on staff since the school opened.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of so many generous donors.  If you were meaning to donate, but haven’t please visit my donor site to help.  Every dollar goes a long way!

One last thing, I am slowly going to transition to a new webpage host.  The system I currently use is much too slow and cumbersome.  This is one reason why I don’t update this page as often as I would like.  So if you notice changes, this is what’s going on.

So, I’ve been keeping rather busy as you can see.  What’s new?


April 25, 2011

I host the Parlour play space at the event called Gears & Teeth this Saturday, April 30th.  The party is held at the Monte Cristo, the same venue as Club Suicide.   Please visit the link here for more information.  I hope to see you there.

I also wish to send a BIG thank you to “D” for my stunning Ralph Lauren riding outfit.  You sure know how to spoil me on my birthday!  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to do a photo shoot wearing it.  Also, huge thank you to “G” for my gorgeous Dior sunglasses.  I look so Hollywood  when I wear them.

In case you want to wish me a belated birthday and not sure what I’d like, follow the link for my wish list on  Lurkers and trolls, you are especially encouraged to help celebrate by granting a wish on  my wish list.  It’s the least you can do.

Good news!  I’m shooting with again and Clare Fonda.  I’ll tell you more as news develops.

Bad news.  I’m moving to Las Vegas for the summer.  What this means is  I won’t be available as often in Los Angeles.  I will still be at the Dominion when I can, so pay attention to announcements.   If you are in Vegas please contact me to meet me.  I love meeting new friends.

April 2, 2011,

I appear with Art of Bleeding this Saturday, April 2nd, at Fetish Nation.   Fetish Nation is held at Circus on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.

I also shoot with today.  I’ll be starring in a video alongside Sybil Hawthorne.  Look for it soon!

March 10, 2011

February was a productive month.  I shot two videos with Clare Fonda for starters.  In one I was dressed as Wonder Woman and Clare was Bat Girl.  It’s pretty funny and sexy–I can’t wait to see it!   Second, I shot with Stuckfast Video.  They cater to freeze fetishists, which has got to be one of the more unique fetishes I shoot for.  Then there was Club Suicide.  Wow a spectacular night of play that was!  If you missed Club Suicide, you’re going to  curse the fun you missed if you check out the photos by clicking here.

I said I’d post photos of me dominating Cirque Beserk in January.  Well, here are a few to the right.  I had an incredible day with the circus as you can see.

One more thing:  I am hosting the fetish playroom at Club Suicide on Saturday, March 19, 2011.  Please join me!  Club Suicide is held at the Monte Cristo on 3100 Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA 90005.  It’s a beautiful venue filled with velvet couches and chandeliers, an extensive bar, dance floor and smoker’s patio.  I’ll be playing with lovely ladies all night long.  Don’t miss it!!

Lastly, if you are one of my Dominion friends you may notice I’m not on the schedule.  I’m just taking a hiatus and will return when I am ready.  Nothing’s wrong and I’m still in L.A.—I just need to recharge my batteries and take care of myself for a change.  I hope you understand.

Don’t be a stranger!

February 1, 2011

Las Vegas
Nikki Rouge and I traveled to Las Vegas together at the end of January for two things: the Las Vegas Foot Night Party and to shoot a video.  Nikki is an awesome travel partner who seems never at loss for energy.  Everything from the weather to our casino outings couldnt have been better.  It was a pleasure to see Steve Savage at the party and to meet some of the people from the area. We also had a fantastic shoot with Shadowlane on January 28th.  Eve Howard is such a sweetheart and gave us a fun script to work with.  I think its one of my best videos yet.

One of my favorite memories from the trip was gallivanting in casinos wearing latex and platform stilettos.  We also stumbled upon the BEST LOUNGE EVERThe Chandelier.  Its a lounge set in a giant chandelier!  I have a thing for chandeliersI even have one in my kitchen.  So when I saw The Chandelier I nearly died from excitement.  Check back for photos of our trip.

Classes at The Dominion
Interested in hands-on experience in impact play?  Then please register for my class on February 13th at The Dominion.  Mistress Yhenna is also instructing a great introductory course to bdsm, which I highly recommend.

Club Suicide
I will be hosting the fantasy and fetish playroom at the amazing Club Suicide on February 19th.  The event is held at the Monte Cristo in Los Angeles and I will be playing with fellow Dominion ladies.  I’ve hosted the play space before and have had nothing but a great time.  Please join us for an evening of decadent fun.

Cirque Beserk
At the end of January I was invited by a crewmember of Cirque Berserk to administer discipline to the cast and crew.  It seems much of the cast has trouble getting their elaborate make-up done on time, so it was my job to put an end to that.  The lead make-up artist says she was one-hour ahead of schedule because of my visit!  One-hour!  It must have been effective.  I prefer to be discreet so I wont share exactly who got into the most troublecircus folk are a handfulbut there were a few in the bunch who got more discipline than others.  In fact, they were lining up by the end of the night.  Never in my life could I have predicted Id have clowns and acrobats addressing me as Mistress but it happened.  Check back for photos of my visit.

The Dominion
Im back at the Dominion on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Please visit me because you never know when Ill take off for another one of my adventures.