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OTK 101 Workshop Reviews

“Mistress Snow – I attended your class ‘OTK 101’ discipline today and found it very useful. Thank you for taking the time to share your techniques and dynamics of OTK spankings and paddling. I found several things very interesting and useful and things I had not thought about before.”  -C  (February 13, 2012)


“Yesterday was fun; thanks again ?” -R. (February 13, 2012)


“Mistress Mercy

Your class was great. It was the first thing I ever went to and I had a good time and also learned a lot about spanking techniques. I have to compliment you on your choice of partners for the spanking demonstration. You are obviously both very beautiful, fun and outgoing women that are having a good time. The class prior taught by Ms. Rouge was also very cool. I am so new its not even funny, so all of the information I got from you three is a great start on what I hope to be years of fun ahead. I will keep checking the fetlife site for more classes that you will be holding in the future.”

Thanks again Mistress
R.”   (February 16, 2012)


Session Reviews

“Hi Mistress Snow and Miss Nikki:
I am still recovering from my interrogation, but I wanted to let you know that I died and went to heaven today.  You provided me a life-long memory for which I am enormously grateful.  The two of you are super fun, gorgeous, smart, good actresses, imaginative, dangerous, good sports, evil, amazing, interesting… and just plain hot.  You have such a rapport between you that was evident right away, and that made for a really special session.  You really took my ridiculous plot line seriously, without judgment, and gave it some thought, bringing my fantasy to life in a way I would never have imagined.  And by the way, the photos of you on the Dominion site don’t do either of you justice – you both have looks that are unique and stunning in your own ways, and combined with your fun personalities, you are world class beauties that I felt honored to be with.  It would be super fun just to have a drink with you and talk about things!
I will never forget three scenes from today – OK  more than that, but three really stand out – one was Nikki bound to the chair with the Air Force hat on and the belt over your mouth, and that tight midriff waiting to be slapped; Snow’s beautiful face close to mine as she is about to torture me; and the two of you…working me over with slaps and the TAZapper at the same time.  God in heaven, that was amazing.  I want your jobs, ladies!
Thanks for making this old guy feel special, and for all that you are!  And Nikki, if you feel inspired to send that photo, I certainly wouldn’t object!
Stay hot, Ladies… Fondly,
C.”  (Feb. 16, 2012)

********************************************************************* Oct.26, 2011




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  1. Chris says:

    Hey mistress Snow,
    I really love watching videos of your bare ass be spanked and watching you spank other people.
    I love it so much that I photo shopped my face on to people who were spanking you and getting spanked by you.
    Kindest regards

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