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Below is a list of websites that describe my work.

Oct. 2012 Dr. Susan Block Appearance:

Feb. 24, 2012 Hollywood Reporter Story:

Interview with Fixe Magazine:

Hog Spy:

China Shop Magazine:

Disko Lemonade:

Me A Gothy:

Plur Life:

Los Angeles Adult:


Clare Fonda’s Camera Man Blog called “Spanking View”: Interview:



One Response to Links

  1. Jean Paul Rase says:

    Hi Mistress Snow Mercy

    It’ s a great pleasure to find a scientist woman in BDSM
    I am not scientist ( social worker in France ) but il love neuroscience psychology, hypnosis and create links with bdsm is very interesting.

    I will work on effect of bdsm on brain, ( pain management, reduce pain by hypnosis,….)
    I experiment myself and with Mistress Cheyenne de Muriel in Germany. But i hope one day create a Lab for study more with EEG, EKG,…

    I wish you a good success in your way and maybe one day meet you in France

    Best regards

    Jean Paul

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